Bissige Hunde
visual effects


Production Company
Director of Photography
Visual Effects Producer
Production Designer
Visual Effects Supervisor

Wiedemann & Berg / Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg
Alex Eslam
Carlo Jelavic
Timm Reinfarth and Malte Can
Iris Frisch
Jill Schwarzer
Marco Erbrich

The Story

“Bissige Hunde” is a diploma feature film produced at the Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg in co-production with Wiedemann & Berg Film. This was a complex project because of the constraints of budget and time. We had to work very efficient to get the shots done in time and budget. There are a lot of difficult shots in the movie. As you can see on the images below. There were big steps to take from the plate to the final image. We had to create a hole new set digitaly for the dream sequence in the movie. It is a lost and abandoned place which shows the mood of the main character. We depictured this in a snowscape.



We came into this project very early which gave us a lot of control about the visual effects. We could get in touch with the director Alex Eslam and the dop Carlo Jelavic and brainstorm about the look and feel. We created a detailed previs for this to get all the data we needed for both, the shoot and the post production.


The Shoot was divided into two parts for us. Exterior shots and the part we shot in the studios at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. It have been mainly greenscreen and some effects shots we had to consult.

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Postproduction took place at Filmakademie Baden-Württemberg. We’ve been supervising the show and worked on the big shots. The time in postproduction was intense and we still worked together with the director and the dop. In the end we had some greenscreen set extensions to work on, replace some of the snow that was on set and integrate the tree. We created a full-cg shot as well as a huge set extension. We also had some effects to to like for a car crashing into some chairs.

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