O’Neal – B3

A style-clip

The Story



2015 is the first year for O’Neal with it’s own goggle range. The goggles have been featured in the Greg Minnaar shooting making of already but needed another boost for the Eurobike and Interbike events. As the samples were only available a limited time, we decided to produce a 3D spot. On July 2nd 2014 we started organizing the 3D data of the goggles. After roughly a week we found a workflow that was stable with the IGES data and rendering. First tasks were to get the meshes clean and model additional features such as the foam inlays and small elements that weren’t in the original IGES files. We used photographs as reference. After that, the first renderings were produced to check quality and correctness of the model, with the client O’Neal. We tested the goggles in different environments to make sure we create a stable asset for future projects as well.

LookDev and Modeling

Look dev was straight forward as we had good reference photos and some examples of the goggles in real environemts as well as in studio lighting.

Spot Concept & Production

We wanted to go low key and very atmospheric on this one. With deep sounds a lot of bass and cameras that sneak around the goggles to create a feeling for the shapes. The 3rd version of the animatic almost nailed it already and we started production of the shots.

Shot production took us about 1,5 weeks. After sending the almost final clip to the client we got some comments so we could address some notes.


After compositing we created some motion graphics to boost the main feature of the goggle.



The final clip is now running on the new O’Neal Website on a microsite for the B3 goggles. It is also available on Youtube. At the Eurobike 2014 in Friedrichshafen, the B3 Clip ran along with the Greg Minnaar shooting making of on a screen at the O’Neal booth. Eurobike is the world’s largest fair for bikes, bike parts and fashion.




Production Company:

O’Neal Motocross
Flyvision Media
Marco Erbrich