Own the sky

For the O’Neal 2018 motocross gear launch, we’ve created this commercial. The concept we’ve created heavily based on visual effects. Due to costs and timing we had to streamline the concept to fit budget and time. Still we had two big blocks of shooting to cover. The first block, with the helicopter, was shot in East-Germany in the “Grenzmuseum”. The second block was the riding action. We had the chance to shoot this at the Lleides Compound in Spain. Shooting was very tough due to the hot weather, and some pretty windy days. We had to be flexible with the shooting schedule to cover all the shots we needed.


Making Of
Early lookdev test of the helicopter asset.


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O’Neal Europe GmbH & Co. KG
Flyvision Media GmbH
Cinecore Motionpictures GmbH
Flyvision Media GmbH

Marco Erbrich
Steffen Kienzle
Benedikt Müller
Pat Panda
Nami Strack