O’Neal Tron
visual effects

This is our second clip for O’Neal. Things were a bit different on this one because we wanted to include some riding footage as well. We came up with the idea to seamlessly connect information and riding for the best possible impact.


The client was very happy with the concept, so we started pretty soon preparing the shoot and getting together all the gear and the neckbrace decals, as in that stage we only had a prototype to shoot with.
As with the B3 googles we got the CAD data from the manufacturer Moveo. We then converted the data to polys and re-modeled some parts. We also had to place the decals we got in a seperate ai-file which has been layout like a cutting pattern. This was a little bit of a struggle with the curved surfaces of the neckbrace, but we came up with a nice workaround to smoothly attach the decals to the surface.
For the edit and the information parts we went for a classical approach from rough to detail. We did this for the timing and content of the motiongraphics as well this time. We worked closely with the client to get the right information and timing. We also invested some time in creating a cool background for this. We wanted to create a LED-wall like effect but in the end this got too crazy. It is important to get all the information in this clip so we decided to not use the animated background, which was cool, but too distracting.

Shoot & Post-Production

Together with our shooting team we went to the bikepark in Bad Wildbad for a day. Shooting conditions were difficult because of the terrain and all the equipment we had to carry. In the end we got some nice images, so it was worth it!
The post-production was split into the full-cg parts and the transitions. We had to build some cool transitions for the brace itself and for the footage reveals. As we’ve been using polygonal shapes as our number one design element to give the hole clip a sci-fi feeling we took this element for the transitions as well. We created animated patterns inside of After Effects and used them as a texture later. All the other stuff was straight forward and some kind of daily business.










Production Company:

O’Neal Motocross
Flyvision Media
Marco Erbrich


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