Batman Fragrance
visual effects

We came to this project very early in production. This was great, because we could work very closely with the team and were able to contribute with solutions and ideas early.

We shot the footage at the Cinegate Studios in Berlin. We’ve been on set to do the vfx-supervision. We worked closely with the DOP and director to get as much out of the shots as possible. We already had a very good layout of the mattepainting so we could communicate clearly with all departements.

We started post-production roughly one month after the shoot and finished the hole spot in about a week.



Marco Erbrich
Benjamin Nowak
Marco Erbrich
Andreas Feix
Silke Finger
Vincent Langer


The main challenge in pre-production was to come up with ideas and solutions that were in budget. As already mentioned, we worked very closely with the director and producer to find the essence of the spot. We then started to find the best way to create the environment so we could use it in all shots. We decided to go for two projected mattepaintings. The good thing was we could start before the shoot and have something on set besides the detailed storyboard. We didn’t go for a previs on this project, because the shots were not too complicated.


We worked one week on the shots. After some reviews by the client we then refined the shots in another three days. Post-production was mainly keying, and the projection of the mattepainting. We also created some digital camera moves and set-extensions.