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Mercedes Benz Museum

Our commercial for the 10th anniversary of the Mercedes Benz Museum @MB_Museum “Hungrig nach Geschichte” or “Hungry for History” has been officialy released today at the 23rd international festival of animated films @ITFS in Stuttgart. We’ve been there for a brief interview on the big stage. Check out the commercial and some photos 😉






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Web release of Deep Dance

After two years of festival touring, our animated short “Deep Dance” is now available online and free to watch! Enjoy it, share it, like it, hate it, but make sure to watch it!

Don’t forget to follow us! A few nice commercials are following the next weeks 😉

Deep Dance Website

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Judging Animex VFX Award

Last year our film Deep Dance @DeepDanceMovie won the VFX-Award @AnimexFestival. This year Marco had the chance to be a judge in this category.

We’d like to congratulate the winner “Blue Honey” or “Miel Bleu”. You guys deserved it! We’ve been stoked by this film as it was so funny and beautifully made.

Check it out
Animex Festival

We’d also like to congratulate alle the winners of this years edition of Animex.

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Malibu Film Festival

Watch Deep Dance on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH @ Universal Studios


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