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Winner of the Porsche Award

Flyvision Media wins the Porsche Award 2016!

With our film “Hungry for history” for the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttgart we’ve won the Award in the category “Automobile”.

We like to thank the team at the museum for the trust they’ve put in us.

The project
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Web release of Deep Dance

After two years of festival touring, our animated short “Deep Dance” is now available online and free to watch! Enjoy it, share it, like it, hate it, but make sure to watch it!

Don’t forget to follow us! A few nice commercials are following the next weeks 😉

Deep Dance Website

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Last shoot

We just finished the last shoot for this year! Happy and tired we’re heading home. 

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10-Series MIPS

We’re close! Close to finalize the film for the O’Neal 10-Series MIPS campaign. This was a fun project for us. Motocross, drone, visual effects and some animation. BOOM, and the heart beats faster!

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Location scouting

For a new project we are at the Frankfurt airport today to check some locations. Sweet stuff is ahead! 


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Malibu Film Festival

Watch Deep Dance on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 5TH @ Universal Studios


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O’Neal Product Banner

Today O’Neal @OnealMotocross released a video with the new style of the product banner we’ve created. You will find this in all upcoming short clips!
We’re also doing some post effects and grading on these clips.

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