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Reflex VR @ ISH

Our virtual reality project “Reflex Explorer” is running at ISH (@ish_frankfurt)┬áin Frankfurt this week!
Here are some impressions of the lounge.

Check out the experience here

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It’s a wrap!

We’ve successfully finished shooting today. It’s been very cool here @studiohamburg, very nice shooting conditions! 

We are looking forward to see what happens in the #virtualreality experience if all the footage comes together. 

We will keep you updated! 

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We are ready for tomorrow for the virtual company shooting! This will be an amazing #VIRTUALREALITY experience for us and we hope this thing will rock in the end. #FLYVISIONMEDIA is part of this and we are very happy to share this with you soon! 

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Virtual Company

We are getting ready for the virtual company shoot next week! We are very excited to be part of this revolutionary concept. We will keep you up to date!
We are shooting with our friends over at Helhed in Hamburg.

Helhed website

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