Recaro EXO

Case Study

A well-known brand, a new product. The RECARO "EXO" gaming seat.

For the new gaming seat "EXO", a visual language had to be developed that matched the theme of gaming without losing the core of the "RECARO" brand. Using modern techniques such as animation and visual effects, we were able to combine the area of games with the classic principles of the brand. This created the basis for communication across all digital media. Reflected in film, real time, print and on the website. Our world-building approach even made it possible to use elements from marketing for product development.

Let's enter the world of E-Sports and Gaming!

  • Launch Teaser
  • Digital Asset
    High-Quality, photo-realistic 3D-Asset
  • Renderings
    Photorealistic images of the EXO
  • Specials
    Deadpool Printkampagne
  • Social Media
    Content for Social Media
  • Product Development
    Rapid prototyping templates
  • Explainer
    Product specific films
  • Interactive
    Realtime WebGL Player

Launch Teaser

A launch teaser for the new EXO seat was developed for RECARO at the beginning. The visual concept of the teaser is the basis of the following visuals.

Digital Asset

A high-quality digital asset was produced based on existing CAD data. This asset becomes the building block of the following media products.


Photorealistic images of all seat variants for the online shop and social media.


For the Christmas issue of the biggest German gaming magazine "Gamestar", an image featuring the Marvel hero "Deadpool" was created in cooperation with "Penta" and "20th Century Fox".

Social Media

Images and ideas were specially adapted and developed for social media.

Product Development

Templates were created for the product developers that allow colour variants and configurations to be easily displayed.


A product film showing the quality and features of the seat was produced. In addition, an unboxing and assembly video was developed and realized.


To bring the product to life, a WebGL player was developed that allows the user to discover the product interactively. The player is accessible from all devices.